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Stuck for Ideas?
We've Got Plenty.

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Game Development

We can take advantage of the variety game development tools.

If you want a mobile game you can develop with us

System Development

We can develop a service platform in a variety fields.

If you want the service platform can be developed with us.

Materials research

We clearly recognize that we are responsible for all children's rights to live in safe environments. We must ensure that all our products are safe for children's healthy development and environment-friendly for future societies. We will make ongoing efforts to find and implement sustainable alternatives to our current plastic-based products. 

Toys Development

Our Maunzi Science provides smart building block toys incorporated with cutting- edge science and technology, which makes them more fun and easier to use for children.


Our bricks have the same size as the ones produced by LEGO Company. However, our product allows children to connect and disconnect bricks to each other in a more convenient way. This is one of the features that make our block toys unique and different from other brick toys.


Detailed field : 


AWS, x-code, PHP, Java Script, eclipse, NoSQL, cocos2d, unity3d, C,C++, CSS, HTML5, Visual Studio, Arduino, CSR mesh, photoshop, 3d max, AutoCAD, EAGLE  

 goldrabbit corp.

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ⓒ creative company goldrabbit. since. 2013 


Office : +82. 70. 8885. 2238     Fax : +82. 70. 8879. 2238     E-mail : address : QB-e Centum 1805, 90, Centum Jungang-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, S.Korea 

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