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Non-toxic silicone pad of fire resistance

Assembly cube and bricks



Started in December 2016

Maunzi system

This is Maunzi System. It's a virtual building block program with added features. Block building toy normally is same repeating game kids can get bored after some time. But through this software game, kids build new toy every time with gaming elements such as sound effects, animation, collecting points, and moving to next level.


Additionally, with Maunzi project, kids can buy custom built toy imagined by them. This coustomized toy is also compatible with Lego but more importantly, kids virtually build the toy with their imagination, it encourages creativity. In our ordering system, it automatically counts which brics are used and how many times to calculate the final proce of the toy, like a built-in pricing system. Decision to purchase can be made freely.


Started in August 2016
Price : $18 to $24
Range of use

We have developed a safe product using natural materials.

This  silicon pad is non-toxic but also fire resistant. It is very robust against extreme temperature up to one thousand Celsius without changing shapes. It is very light. As you can see, we made this sample pad compatible with regular building bricks. We can customize this silicon pad into different products for children. It can be used in a children play room as an interior product that children can play with. parents are assured with safety for their children because it's non-toxic and fire resistant.

  • Brick toys compatible.

  • Construction materials.

  • Fire safety materials.

  • Mats for amusement.

  • Interior materials.


Started in November 2016
Price : $180 to $560

Button to record repeating pattern of movement

Remote control using smart device such a smartphone or tablet

USB port to store program

Various sensors to control movement which is currently being developed

This toy kit has 2 major parts, main cube and joint cube. It is connectable to each other and forms the main structure. The main cube signals and controls the joint cube, and joint cube moves by main cube's signals. The other parts of the kit are attached to the main structure. These parts connect the main structure to toy building blocks such as LEGO to create all kinds of structures. And we also make toy building blocks that are compatible with LEGO bricks. 


Our bricks have the same size as the ones produced by LEGO Company. However, our product allows children to connect and disconnect bricks to each other in a more convenient way. This is one of the features that make our block toys unique and different from other brick toys.

Our Maunzi Science provides smart building block toys incorporated with cutting-edge science and technology, which makes them more fun and easier to use for children

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